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Danish bank account

If you work in Denmark, but live abroad, you must have a Danish bank account for payment of your salary.

Service acccount for your salary in Denmark

With a Service account, you can receive your salary from your employer in Denmark and arrange transfers to your account in your country of residence. This account gives you access to:

  • Netbank (online banking) – so you can keep an eye on your balance and transfer funds
  • e-Boks - your digital mailbox where you receive messages from private and public authorities
  • Mastercard Debit – Annual fee: DKK 165
  • Payment service - for your recurring payments

A Service account costs DKK 35 per month.

How to get a Danish bank account

Before contacting us

In order to open af Danish bank account, you need to have:

Provide us with documentation

As we need to know a little more about you in order to open an account for you, you must provide the following documentation:

  • Completed and signed Application to open a Danish bank account (pdf)
  • Photo identification (for example, valid passport, EU driver’s licence or national ID card)
  • Last three pay slips or employment contract for new job
  • Last annual tax statement from country of residence and Denmark
  • Breakdown of accounts from current banks in country of residence and possibly Denmark
  • Breakdown of current loans 
  • Breakdown of other large assets/liabilities (for example, car, SU debt (Danish students' Grants and Loans Scheme)) 
  • Breakdown of pension information

Documentation must be delivered in person to the branch where you would like to be a customer.

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