1. Jyske Bank acquires Handelsbanken Denmark

Jyske Bank acquires Handelsbanken Denmark

How does this affect you as a customer

2022.11.15 | Jyske Bank's acquirement of Handelsbanken Denmark is set for December 1st 2022

The Handelsbanken Group has entered into an agreement with Jyske Bank under which Jyske Bank acquires Handelsbanken’s operations in Denmark. The date regarding Jyske Bank's acquirement of Svenska Handelsbanken's and Stadshypotek's business activities in Denmark is now set for December 1st 2022, if the final preparations go according to plan.

Authority approvals are in place and all activities of the involved parties have been approved for the purpose of completing the transaction.

"It is really great that we have been able to keep our schedule. We now look forward to becoming part of Jyske Bank and ensuring our customers a smooth transition," says Lars Moesgaard, CEO of Handelsbanken Danmark.

How does this affect me as a customer

This means you will be a customer of Jyske Bank once the transaction is completed. This will happen automatically, and you do not have to do anything. Together with Jyske Bank, we will naturally take steps to ensure that you as a customer experience the transition smooth and uncomplicated.

Until the transaction is completed, it will be business as usual at Handelsbanken, and your agreements with us remain in force, of course. 

We remain committed to ensuring that you are comfortable and satisfied, and we will naturally contact you as soon as more information is available. Please feel free to contact your adviser with any questions you may have.

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