MitID for business

MitID replaces NemID for Corporate Online Banking
MitID app

MitID – a new personal digital ID

  • All employees will be required to transition to MitID on or before 31 October 2022
  • Your employees have to options:
    1) to use their personal MitID or
    2) set up a new MitID to log in to Corporate Online Banking (MitID Erhvervsbank)
  • Your employees will be notified about the transition to MitID through Corporate Online Banking

How to get MitID for Corporate Online Banking

You will transition from NemID to MitID through Corporate Online Banking. In April or May you will be asked to transition to MitID. When notified, your will have 30 days to transition from NemID to MitID.

In order to complete the transition from NemID to MitID, the Corporate Online Banking user must have transitioned to MitID personally. If you do not have MitID, ie if you don not have a Danish civil registration numer (CPR), you must contact your branch in order to get MitID.

Use your personal MitID

  1. Confirm your identity with your personal MitID
  2. Select 'Use your personal MitID'
  3. Press 'Confirm'

Create new MitID for Corporate Online Banking

  1. Accept terms and conditions
  2. Select MitID app – or one of the alternatives
  3. Enter and confirm your contact information
  4. Create a new user ID
  5. Download the MitID app – or order MitID code display og MitID audio code reader which you will recieve by mail.
  6. Activate your MitID app, -code display or audio code reader

MitID app, code display or audio code reader


MitID app

MitID app turns your smartphone into your MitID authenticator.

If you choose to use the MitID app, it is free to create a new MitID for Corporate Online Banking

MitID kodeviser

MitID code display

The MitID code display is a small electronic device that displays a one-time password code. Enter the one-time password code, when you log on to confirm your MitID.

Price: 33,40 DKK. ex VAT

MitID kodeoplæser med headset

MitID audio code reader

It displays and reads aloud a unique one-time PIN code to be used when you log on Corporate Online Banking. Combined with your user ID and password, the MitID code display guarantees a high two-factor security when you log on.

Price: 235,27 DKK. ex VAT